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Baby T Rex

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Baby T Rex

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Castle Rock

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Castle Rock

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Fossil Art

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Castle Rock

4.5′ tall
3′ diameter

The Good Book:
cast bronze, gold leaf, bone from dinosaur &
bone from man bondedwith gold leaf

Best Artist Award 2005,
Advanced Sculpture Class

dinosaur fragments

About the Artist

Alan Detrich

Born and raised in Great Bend, Kansas, Alan’s interest in fossils developed at the early age of 10 when his parents bought him a 50 million year old fossil for $10. While studying art at Fort Hays University, he integrated this interest in his sculptures and later attained a Master of Fine Arts degree from Wichita State University.

Alan spent 16 risky years in the oil business and owned an antiquities business in Great Bend for over 20 years. But his passion was fossil hunting and inventing new and creative ways to display his fossil finds.

Since Alan first seriously began fossil hunting in 1986, he has won numerous awards in recognition for his talent and skill in 3D presentations of his fossils. He is a generous supporter of education in his field, and is a noted “Friend” of the University of Kansas Natural History Museum & Biodiversity Research Center by supporting field and lab research.

Then Life changed for Alan when he was honored by a face to face look at the actual Spear of Jesus stored away from public eyes located in Austria.
His art changed, his priorities changed…


Life of a Fossil Hunter

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